Overcoming grief is a process that takes time. Grief is extremely personal and is unique to the bereaved person. Bereavement is not tied to any time frame nor does it fit into any preconceived notion of structured behavior patterns. Some of us have taken advantage of area resources for grief counseling. These have been a great help to many of us. We find an emotional sense of relief by sharing our stories with those having a common denominator. We felt that having a place where we could share thoughts and ideas and arrange for group gatherings would be very beneficial. This website is a place to visit, connect, and post online. Our objectives are as follows:

    Encourage Social Interaction Through Group Activities
    Social events could include but are not limited to: holidays, special events, pot luck dinners, game nights, day trips, sporting events, music events, and special interest groups (e.g., wellness and book discussions, culinary arts, crafts). Are there any activities that you love or are enthusiastic about?
    Tell us!
    Provide Mutual Support
    Use our discussion boards to make your needs known. Your new friends can offer:
    • Encouragement to start enjoying some of the things you did with your loved one.

    • Companionship and understanding to help you through those certain days of the year that may be hard for you to cope with (e.g., loved one's birthday, anniversaries, holidays, family milestones, etc.)
    • .
    • Assistance with practical matters (e.g., running errands, transportation, etc. especially if someone is ill and no family members or close friend are around to provide assistance).

Your activity suggestions for our new social network of friends are appreciated, as collective wisdom will make this group even more special. We would love to hear about your strengths, interests, and passions. Let's collaborate with each other on topics you care about. Is there anything you would like us to do at our group gatherings that would be uplifting or thought provoking? Please feel free to share your ideas with us. Together we can make this a healing journey for all of us.

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